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NeoFold S 920/1250

Entry-level high performance sheet folder  

What is

NeoFold S is the series of cheap and compact automatic folding machines, designed to meet the finishing needs of small offices, technical offices and service centers with low and medium printing volume. The sturdy construction and availability in popular paper sizes, together with the possibility of folding patterns in free size for any length allows NeoFold S to be used in combination to the most popular inkjet and toner printers for CAD and cartography.

Possibility of bending free-form designs for any length.

Two-digit display for displaying the edges and diagnostic messages.

Main Features

NeoFold S can perform normal, aligned and compensated folds with or without a border of 20, 25 or 30 mm. The machine folds 190 or 210 mm widths, free folding with or without compensation to the left and to the right on the penultimate line, offset fold with ascending or descending offset. The production speed is 10 meters/minute and the processing time of an A0 size (maximum size for the crossfold) is equal to 10 seconds. NeoFold S supports plain paper, sensitive and plotter paper weights between 80 and 110 gsm.

Options and Accessories

NeoFold S series does not require additional accessories to the already comprehensive standard equipment.

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NeoFold S 920/1250

Product brochure can be downloaded in PDF format